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Pool Repairs

Swimmming pool repairs need to be done correctly with the correct swimming pool parts to get maximum value. Any swimming pool is a complex combination of water, chemicals, stresses and straits, wear and tear.

They all need looking after, however at some point pool equipment will need repairing.

It maybe the swimming pool pump, filter, chlorinator, swimming pool lights or swimming pool itself.

With swimming pools as you properly know, been a swimming pool owner, there are no cheap repairs. Cheap repairs are normally done with inferior parts or incorrect adaptor fittings. Cheap jobs need expensive redos.

Repairs to the swimming pool itself may be necessary over time, as the swimming pool gets older. Normally due to bad chemical management, wear and tear damage, settlement or cracks.

It is very difficult at times to find leaks in a swimming pool as one is only able to locate a major leak and repair it, yet to find later there maybe another leak, especially when a swimming pool had been badly installed.

It is important that any repairs are undertaken correctly with good understanding of what the real cause of the problem is.

With surfaces like fibreglass, the gel coat slowly wears away. It may also wear away by time with the sunlight and would go dusty, especially around the fake mosaic tile line, or the fibreglass above the water line.

Pool Repairs:
Deep End Pools specialises in swimming pool and spa equipment installation and repairs, including:

Types of Installation:

• Pool Pump, Chlorinators, Filter, Backwash tanks and cleaners.
• Complete Solar systems and Heat Pumps.
• Pool cover measurements and Geobubble pool covers.
• Time Clock.
• Pool and Spa Light.

Types of Repair:

• Leak detection and repairs.
• Filter Services, Pool & Spa Equipment Repairs.
• Solar (leaks, winterization, spring setup).
• Marblelite and Fibreglassing repairs.

Other services: Drain and acid-wash pool, supply chemicals, spa removal, provide orientation, Electrical trouble shooting, Emergency response.


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