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Geobubble Floating Solar Covers!

Water loss is a major concern with an average uncovered pool losing over 4000 leters of water a month. The Solar blanket is an excellent product to help reduce water evaporation by as much as 98%.
  • This product is not a safety cover. 
  • This product is able to provide excellent heating benefits, raising the temperature of the pool water between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius. The solar blanket has two primary functions. Firstly UV light passing through the material warms the pool water directly below the cover. Through circulation of the water by means of the pool filter system the warm water is circulated throughout the pool, raising the overall temperature of the pool. The second function of the solar blanket is as an insulator. 
  • Water evaporation is eliminated considerably when a solar blanket is in place on a pool. As water is fast becoming an expensive and scarce resource, the solar blanket offers the ecologically conscious pool owner means to reduce water usage, chemical usage and electricity. The cost incurred purchasing a solar cover is recouped as result of water savings over the lifetime of the blanket. 
  • The Solar blankets’ lifespan is determined by variations in the material thickness and construction of the bubbles of the blanket.
  • Shortcomings with regards to expected lifespan are generally attributable to usage and care factors. Excessive exposure to unbalanced water or concentrated chlorine levels or exposure to the sun when off the pool, are the main contributing factors to pool cover failure.
  • The solar blanket lives in a very harsh environment with UV (Ultra Violet) light and pool chemicals such as chlorine acting upon it. The chlorine in the water is constantly attacking the material, the UV rays produced by the sun degrade the blanket and heat will also play a part in accelerating the effects of chlorine and UV. The main contributing factor to the premature failing of a solar blanket is due to incorrect chlorine levels in a pool. This is especially true where chlorinators are in use and the chlorine levels are not being monitored correctly a with the result that chlorine levels concentrate over a period of time.
  • It is also important to note that when a blanket is in placed on a pool, the pool water will heat up. This warm environment is ideal for algae growth. It is very important to ensure that chlorine levels in the pool are stable to ensure that the pool does not start to turn green. A solar blanket cannot cause a pool to go green. Lack of chlorine results in algae growth and a green pool.
  • Never leave children or animals unattended near the pool as this cover is not a safety cover.
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