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Welcome to Deep End Pools

Pool Maintenance Services

Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance:
Affordable weekly swimming pool Maintenance:

We provide a quality controlled swimming pool services;
We have the same pool technician cleaning your swimming pool on a weekly basis with a friendly smile;
Your pool technician will get to know your swimming pool as well as any extra situations you may prefer him to concentrate on;
The pool technician has a weekly service sheet that is specifically for your swimming pool requirement, with all the information regarding your swimming pool to ensure a quality service;
The maintenance is done on a regular day, on a approximate time and that will give you an indication when he will be at your property to maintain the swimming pool;
The pool technician will also leave a notification of his visit, informing you if he had added chemicals into the swimming pool or if he had noticed any problems with the swimming pool or equipment;
We do replace pump baskets, vacuum lids, barracuda parts etc. Immediately once found faulty. We also provide a loner swimming pool cleaner the same day of maintenance when it is found that your is not working properly;
The maintenance department manager will inspect on the swimming pool periodically and should you have a problem swimming pool, inspection will be more regular.

Our maintenance visits include the following:
Inspect the running and condition of the swimming pool upon arrival;
Test the chemicals;
Every second month we will do a 6 point chemical test with electronic water analyses, scrub the mosaic tile line to remove all debris into the water easier leaf racking;
Leaf rack the top of the swimming pool to remove all floating debris;
Back washing the filter system or cleaning the cartridges;
Vacuum or brush sweep the stairs and the floor of the swimming pool;
Brush the walls and stairs;
A final net on the top of the swimming pool for loose floating debris;
Re-inspect the swimming pool skimmer box for debris;
Add the chemicals needed after all the maintenance are complete;
                                                                              Leave the appropriate notification for your attention before departing.

Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance:
We also offer commercial swimming pool maintenance to Schools, Golf Estates and extra large swimming pools that may need to be cleaned with portable systems. This means we do not use the filtration system of the swimming pool, but a portable system for more efficiency in cleaning, as well as ensuring maximum filtration of the system on the swimming pool to the bathing capacity.
We have used this method for many years of maintaining the swimming pools of our commercial clients.

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